alex petralia

this is my scratchpad for reflections which don’t fit the theme of my data blog.

shortform writing helps me:

  1. better structure and synthesize ideas
  2. more deeply consider my thoughts, since they are immediately public
  3. receive feedback on my ideas and update accordingly

some of the domains i’m most interested in are:

* learning & mental models
* creativity & innovation
* psychology, sales & marketing
* markets & investments

my professional career so far has been focused on programming in data analysis and engineering. i’m fascinated by data and the quantifiable, and by contrast, what remains practically unquantifiable (most often, people & organizations).


I resigned from Tower Research Capital in April 2018 and emigrated to Poland to start a business. I have no doubt that Poland is going to experience substantial growth over the next decade - if only because it is so incredibly undervalued today. From an investment perspective then, I view it as a good place to deploy capital.

The implementation of that investment thesis was to start a business here - initially a coworking space. I’m no longer so sure that that’s the best idea, given the capital commitment. It was a good first idea, but is probably a better second idea.

Although I’m considering other ideas at the moment, I’m really enjoying not thinking about business. After working for four years, this has been an invaluable time to reflect, reorient and reprioritize. I’m in no rush.

So for now, no tangible updates.

best posts

not best posts

newsletters - breaking glass

“The trouble is that essays always have to sound like God talking for eternity, and that isn’t the way it ever is. People should see that it’s never anything other than just one person talking from one place in time and space and circumstance. It’s never been anything else ever, but you can’t get that across in an essay.”